Yard Maintenance Tips For Trampoline Owners

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Looking to add some fun to your exercise routine or keep the kids busy this summer? Trampolines provide a safe and effective workout for most age groups, and they’re also a fun addition for birthday parties or play dates. However, some homeowners shy away from this equipment because they’ve heard that a trampoline can permanently harm the grass. Luckily, this doesn’t have to be the case: there are steps you can take to preserve the beauty of your yard. If you’d like to ensure that the grass stays green and well-manicured, consider our tips for maintaining the area when you have a trampoline.

Place the Trampoline in a Sunny Area

To keep your yard looking its best, avoid placing the trampoline in a highly shaded part of the yard. Since plants need the sun’s rays to flourish, the added shade of a trampoline mat can prevent the growth of healthy grass. For best results, be sure to place the equipment in a partially-shaded area that still gets adequate sun exposure. Most trampolines have tightly woven mesh mats, so sunshine will be able to filter through to the grass underneath. Since modern trampolines have UV protection, the jumping space should stay nice and cool even when placed in a moderately sunny area.

Move the Trampoline Occasionally

If you’re concerned about the grass getting enough light to thrive, move the trampoline occasionally to give the yard adequate sun exposure. Even though our AlleyOOP trampolines weigh more than most, they can usually be moved by two adults. A good rule of thumb is to relocate the trampoline on the same schedule that you mow the lawn.

Get Creative With Landscaping

It can be a challenge to perfectly preserve the yard when you have a trampoline. If you’d rather skip the work of moving the trampoline or mowing beneath the mat, try replacing the grass with a low-maintenance alternative. Decomposed granite or sand are solid choices, but if you’d like to cover up the ground entirely, you may prefer an in-ground trampoline. This option offers a sleek profile that won’t hinder the appearance of the yard, and it’s a great solution for kids (or adults) who have trouble climbing a ladder.

If you or your family would love to have a trampoline, don’t let fears of yard maintenance hold you back. There are several ways to prevent damage to the grass and keep the backyard looking beautiful. Interested in upgrading your yard with a trampoline? Our team at Backyard Dreams can help. We provide delivery and installation of premium AlleyOOP trampolines, so you can skip the setup process and enjoy jumping right away. We offer several popular trampoline models, so give us a call if you’re ready to find the best fit for your family.

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