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Backyard Dreams Denver: a Family-Owned Company

A Life of Movement

Backyard Dreams Mission: to cultivate play, movement and connection for families by providing safe, long-lasting, high-performing backyard play equipment.

Backyard Dreams Vision: to inspire play and movement for healthier kids and more connected families.

Joey was born raised in a small Midwest town. His childhood was filled with endless outdoor adventures. He ran through fields, built forts, explored dense woods, fished, and played every sport imaginable. After college, he became a professional firefighter. His career took an unexpected turn 10 years later when when he became the Operations Manager for a backyard playset company called Backyard Adventures of Colorado. Although the company eventually closed its doors, this experience sparked his passion for bringing joy to families through creative play and movement. Around this time, Backyard Dreams was launched.

Martha is the co-founder of Adventure Board and Backyard Dreams, and grew up in Colorado. With a background in education, a passion for childhood development, and an insatiable desire to explore new places, she brings a unique perspective to our company. Together, they are dedicated to crafting adventures and helping families like yours connect through movement and play.

Backyard Dreams remains committed to ongoing research, rigorous product testing, and the pursuit of innovative additions that elevate backyard play areas. If they wouldn’t put it in their family’s yard, they won’t offer it to your family.



  • Customer service strives for 100% satisfaction
  • Accessible; one-on-one direct access to owner
  • Trampolines install next day to within a week
  • Lowest price on AlleyOOP Trampolines
  • Sustainable Redwood swing sets
  • Expert knowledge about trampolines and playsets
  • Many USA-made products
  • Safety that protects your family
  • Warranties that protect your investment

Customers are saying

Joey was awesome. We bought our trampoline when our son turned 3 and our daughter was on the way. 5 years later this was still the best purchase we have made for the kids. It gets used every day that the weather permits. Joey was professional, personable and did not try to oversell us or upsell us. I recommend Joey and backyard dreams to everyone.

– Jeff Saeger, Denver Trampoline Purchase


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