Trampoline Cardio Workouts to Try If you’re thinking about purchasing a trampoline for the kids this holiday season, get the most out of your investment by using the trampoline as a tool for your cardio workouts. Bouncing on a trampoline is fun for all ages, but many parents are surprised to discover how effective trampoline workouts can be for themselves. Not sure where to start? Here, we share tips for getting a great workout with the help of your backyard trampoline.

Jog in Place

Jogging is a classic form of exercise, but it can be fun to mix it up and jog in place on the trampoline. This technique is called “rebounding,” and NASA has discovered it’s 68% more effective than traditional jogging. If you’re just beginning your fitness journey, try starting with 10 or 15 minutes of rebounding. While jogging in place on the trampoline may sound easy, it works the lower body and core while placing high demands on your cardiovascular system. As you become more fit, working your way up to 30 or more minutes at a time will torch calories without putting excess wear and tear on joints.

Lateral Bounce

If you’re hoping to work your obliques, lower body, and cardiovascular system, incorporate a few minutes of lateral bounces into your workout circuit. Stand with your feet just slightly more than shoulder-width apart and jump from side to side while vigorously pumping your arms. This barre-like exercise can be intense, so we recommend starting with one minute to see how you feel.

High-Knees Bounce 

High-knees walking is a great way to target your core muscles, and moving this exercise to the trampoline mat is even more effective. To properly perform this workout, begin by standing with your feet approximately hip-width apart. Place your arms  in front of your body at chest height, and begin to jump in an effort to get your knees to touch your hands. Be sure to keep your core engaged throughout this exercise, and you’re sure to feel the burn in just a couple of minutes.

Clearly trampolines are meant for the entire family! The cardio workouts mentioned here are highly effective and fun to incorporate into your routine. Trampolines aren’t just limited to cardio, either–you can take small weights onto the mat with you to ensure a full-body workout. If you’re ready to purchase a trampoline for your family this holiday season, let our team at Backyard Dreams take the stress out of transportation and setup. We offer premium AlleyOOP trampolines in a variety of sizes, and we’re here to help you select the perfect model for your yard. Moreover, we’ll handle delivery and installation in Colorado and Wyoming. To learn more about the process, please get in touch with us.