Why You Should Ditch the Treadmill For a Trampoline

by | Jun 7, 2018 | Content, trampolines | 1 comment

Summertime is almost here, and milder temperatures make it the perfect time of year for getting outdoors and soaking up the sun. If you’re working toward fitness goals this summer, it’s important to find a method of exercise that’s effective and low-risk for your joints and bones. Tired of hitting the treadmill for your cardio workout? Consider the benefits of ditching the tedious treadmill routine and choosing a trampoline instead.

Treadmills Only Work a Limited Set of Muscles

If you’re looking for a total body workout, the treadmill can’t deliver. Since the treadmill provides an even surface, you’ll only be targeting your cardiovascular system and calves. The absence of varied terrain during your run won’t work a key set of muscles, including your core, hamstrings, and glutes. Running outdoors is a better option, but a daily jog will lead to premature wear and tear on your joints and tendons. To preserve joint elasticity and still get an excellent workout, invest in a trampoline for your yard. The mat provides a plush surface that’s gentle on your body, but you’ll have to use every muscle to stay upright and stabilize after landing.

The Treadmill Is Ineffective For Burning Calories

While the treadmill is a popular form of exercise and one of the most-purchased types of fitness equipment, it’s not the best choice if your goal is to burn as many calories as possible in a short period of time. However, if you hate the feeling of pushing through a challenging workout that feels monotonous, choose a high-intensity option like bouncing on a trampoline. Vigorously jumping on a trampoline for 30 minutes or longer is almost certain to help you work up a sweat and expend a surprising number of calories. In fact, NASA has discovered that rebounding on a trampoline is one of the most beneficial whole-body workouts available. The motion of jumping causes increased g-forces on your body, leading to greater oxygen uptake.

Trampoline Workouts Are Entertaining  

Sticking with your workout routine will be a chore if you dread the activities you’ve chosen. Walking or jogging on a treadmill can be incorporated into your regimen, but you’ll probably become bored with it if it’s your sole form of exercise. To mix things up, try jumping on a trampoline a few times per week. Whether you keep it simple and bounce around to your favorite tunes or follow a strict set of guidelines, you’ll find that trampoline exercises are highly adaptable and entertaining.

Finding the ideal workout routine takes time and experimentation. For best results, stick with activities that you enjoy so you look forward to exercising regularly. If you’d like to incorporate a trampoline into your regimen, our team at Backyard Dreams is here to help. We offer delivery and installation of AlleyOOP Sports Trampolines to the entire state of Colorado, so you won’t have to worry about the tedious process of putting your new trampoline together. To learn more about our services, please give us a call.

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