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Why AlleyOOP Trampolines?

With all the trampoline options out there, we have done our fair share of looking. Springfree, Vuly, and countless other trampoline brands boast about how great they are. After much research, and most importantly, trying them, we continue to carry the best of the best: AlleyOOP.  Safety If the jumpers aren’t safe, the product doesn’t matter in our books. AlleyOop Continue Reading

The Best Backyard Wooden Playsets

Childhood memories are often highlight reels of moments spent with friends playing on a beloved park playground or backyard swing set. Sure, we remember our favorite teachers’ names and the smell of mom’s station wagon, but nothing beats the feeling of climbing up to the top of a playset to take in the expansive world. At Backyard Dreams, our safe Continue Reading

Lifetime Adventure Playsets: Choosing the Right Playset

To a child, something as simple as a playset inspires a world of adventure, right in his or her own backyard. Armed with a boundless imagination and a few neighborhood friends, your kids will transform their playset into a stone castle far away in a foreign land, or a pirate ship crossing the wide Pacific on a quest for treasure. Continue Reading

Adults: Jump Your Way into a Healthier Life

You may know that trampolines are a great way for kids to get exercise, but do you know that jumping can provide many health benefits to adults as well? Weight loss – Jumping on a trampoline creates a rebounding effect which reduces body fat as it engages th e whole body.  Not only will you build muscles in your legs Continue Reading

5 Easy Ways to Get Children to Play Outside

Children need at least one hour of physical activity each day. It can be hard to get children to play outside. Getting them out from behind the screens of computers, television, cell phones and video games and into the fresh air and sunshine can be a parent’s biggest challenge. As parents know, it’s not easy to compete with electronics so we have Continue Reading