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Consultation: Choosing Trampolines

Need to install a new backyard trampoline? Or need help choosing the right AlleyOOP Trampoline or Capital Play In-Ground Trampoline? We will help you select the best trampoline for your yard and for your kids’ desires!

Installation: New Trampoline

 We make sure your trampoline is installed properly for the safety of your children. We never cut corners; our installers know the products and conform to the highest safety standards. Didn’t buy it from us? No problem! We can usually install and assemble trampolines that you purchased elsewhere. Shop all of the highest quality trampolines, toys, accessories, nets and spring pads with Backyard Dreams.

Thinking of buying a trampoline but wondering how you’ll move it? Moving a trampoline takes special care and we know how to disassemble, move and reassemble it so that it is put together correctly – and safely – for your kids to enjoy. If you need a new backyard trampoline, we’d love to get you set up with the best one possible!

kid doin a backflip in the air
before and after image of a playset

Moving and Disassembly: We’ll Relocate Your Trampoline

Don’t leave your trampoline behind – take it with you! We disassemble, move, and reassemble most trampolines (including AlleyOOP, Springfree, Vuly, ACON, TrampMaster, and JumpSport) quickly and efficiently. Keep your investment and simplify your move. Even if you didn’t purchase your trampoline from us, we can move and reassemble it.

Don’t ask the movers to do it! Save time and let our experts relocate your trampoline. 


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