Unparalleled Safety

The trampolines of our childhood have largely come and gone. Trampolines without safety nets and exposed, rusted springs are generally, thankfully, a thing of the past. But, despite the standard features of the majority of trampolines, there is one trampoline that is in a league of its own when it comes to safety.

AlleyOOP’s DoubleBounce Trampoline offers a unique design with two jumping surfaces, in addition to the top tier safety features of all AlleyOOP Trampolines. We’ve spent a lot of time refining our criteria for what makes a trampoline safe. For us, it comes down to an exceptional bounce, a warranty to protect the investment, and peace of mind with safety features. 

The DoubleBounce Trampoline is the safest trampoline available, and protects what matters most.

Two Jumping Surfaces

The AlleyOOP DoubleBounce is the only trampoline available with this technology. The double jumping surfaces acts like a giant air cushion. And since the #1 cause of injury on a trampoline is the harsh kickback, this technology is the foundation of what elevates the safety on this trampoline.

While small jumpers won’t make contact with the bottom jumping surface, they still benifit from the buttery bounce the dual system creates. And for your older, bigger jumpers, the second jumping surfaces softens the bounce even more. The reduced kickback because of the dual jumping mats keeps multiple jumpers safe while they have a blast, and is unlike any other trampoline available. 


High-Impact Netting and Springs Designed for Performance

The safety of this trampoline doesn’t stop at the unique double jumping surface design. They also offer a high-impact net, rated for a 295lb person to throw themself into. This keeps your kids inside the trampoline, exactly where they should be. And with an overlapping door, there is no need to remember to zip anything up once they hop on. The springs on the AlleyOOP DoubleBounce are 9.25″ of performance grade piano wire, engineered for a springy, smooth bounce year-after-year. 

And, like all AlleyOOP Trampolines, the DoubleBounce boasts the VariableBounce technology. This technology engages the springs a fraction of a second after the one next to it, creating a bounce unlike any trampoline on the market. 


young girl jumping on a trampoline

The Safest Trampoline You’ll Find

After 15+ years in the trampoline and backyard play equipment industry, we have seen, moved, and assessed a lot of trampolines. Our philosphy has always been if we wouldn’t put it in our yard for our family, we won’t offer it to yours. The innovative technology of the DoubleBounce gives it extraordinary performance and unparralled safety. 

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