With the many trampoline and trampoline accessory options out there, we have done our fair share of looking. Many companies like Spring-free, Vuly Trampolines, and countless other trampoline brands boast about how great they are. After much research, and most importantly, trying them, we continue to carry the best of the best: AlleyOOP Trampolines


If the jumpers aren’t safe, the product doesn’t matter in our books. AlleyOOP has incredible safety features, keeping jumpers young and old safe while they jump their way through the day. The overlapping net entrance takes the pressure off of remembering to zip or snap something closed after entering the trampoline. Your kids can get right to it without parents worrying they will fall through that opening. The high-impact netting is rated to 295 pounds. As your littles (and bigs) try new stunts, the net keeps your jumpers just where they need to be. The 1-inch thick professional gym-quality frame pad completely covers the springs and frame. This keeps jumpers safe from coming into contact with the springs and frame. Unlike other springless trampolines that have exposed areas where kids outside the trampolines can get injured, AlleyOOP keeps everything protected.

The Bounce

What is a trampoline without a decent bounce? The Variable Bounce System makes it so that the springs engage a split second after each other, creating a smoother, better overall bounce. The PianoSprings —technology offered on each of the different AlleyOOP Trampolines—have the best, biggest bounce on the market. The DoubleBounce Trampoline offers an even more incredible bounce and is the absolute safest trampoline on the market. With a secondary mat 8 inches below the first mat, a giant air pillow is formed, absorbing shock, reducing the risk of injury, and creating safety for multiple jumpers. If you have a gymnast, the AlleyOOP 10 x 17 is the trampoline for your family. This rectangular trampoline is the #1 choice for G-Tramp athletes and offers substantial space and a top-notch bounce for your kids to hone their skills. If you still want more bounce, there is the AlleyOOP PowerBounce System: a secondary layer of springs that can be customized to three different levels. This is ideal for larger, more athletic jumpers, and can always be added on later. After all, these are trampolines that will grow with your kids and stand the test of time.


There isn’t a warranty that comes close to this one. AlleyOOP offers a lifetime warranty on the frame and poles (yes, you read that correctly), and 10 years on both the jumping surface and the net. They also offer 5 years on the springs and the mat. Spring-free claims that not all warranties are created equal, and we agree, as they have one of the better warranties out there and still only offer a 10-year maximum warranty on any given part. We commit to getting your family a trampoline that will last!


Here in Colorado, we have an average of 30-40 overcasts days, which leaves a whole lot of sunny, great jumping days. Heck, even some of those cloudy days can be great days to hop on that trampoline! AlleyOOP trampolines are made to withstand the elements and can absolutely be left up year-round. If you live in Denver, Colorado or the Front Range, you know it can be windy (we have seen more than a few neighbor’s trampolines take flight). While most trampolines weigh around 175 pounds, AlleyOOP Trampolines weigh between 300 – 550 pounds, plus we offer trampoline anchor kits for those especially high wind areas (Boulder, and Longmont, Colorado here’s looking at you).

Here is the bottom line: at Backyard Dreams we are committed to safety, quality, and fun. We only carry the products we believe the most strongly in, and we have taken a lot of time learning about what is out there. AlleyOOP consistently puts out products they, and we, can stand behind and enjoy. Click here to learn more about what we offer, and don’t hesitate to call or text (303-868-9916) with questions.