Remember playing on a wooden swing set when you were a child? Those long days spent playing with friends centered around the wooden play set in your or your friend’s yard? Such fond memories deserve to be passed down to the next generation, your kids. Think of the number of hours they will spend away from screens with friends, enjoying the outdoors, learning to play fair, and most importantly having fun.

Swing sets and wooden play sets are far more efficient than other sources of entertainment. Unlike videogames and movies, which become bland after one play, wooden play sets take one to the lengths of their imagination. Wooden play sets certainly have more “game modes” than other toys and video games. From hide and seek to make believe to just swinging on the swings, consoles seem inferior when compared to play sets! When a child is young and bursting with imagination, it is important to have an entertainment source that can keep up!

Playing in an environment where they must move to keep up with the fun is extremely beneficial to children of all ages. Not only is it fun, but it also promotes healthy living, much more so than a movie or videogame. From running up and down to pumping your legs to swing even higher, fun and exercise are combined like never before. In a day and age when nature is so difficult to really get in touch with, a play set outside makes it fun to be outdoors and immersed in nature every day.

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