A high-quality wooden swing set not only keeps children entertained, it also improves their lives in a variety of ways. When you purchase a wood play set, you’re making a sound investment in the physical, mental and social wellbeing of your family.

Social Skills: Get your kids away from their video games and into the outdoors! Swing sets encourage children to play with other kids, create games together and use their imaginations. A good play set entices neighbors to come an play and gives kids opportunities to make friends and develop their social skills.

Mental and Emotional Relief: When you watch kids play, you see how fully they are in the moment, only present to having fun. A quality swing set helps children relieve stress, let go of concerns and physically immerse themselves in creativity and spontaneity.

Physical Fitness: We’re all aware that childhood obesity is becoming an epidemic. Kids today spend more time indoors on computer screens than they do engaged in physical activity. Parents find it difficult to get them to play or be physically active. Swing sets with many fun features—like climbing walls, ladders and swings—are alluring to kids and motivate them to engage in outdoor play with others.

If you’re ready to give your kids the gift of better well being, contact us. We’ll help you determine what type of play set is best for your budget and kids’ interests. We can also help you evaluate what size set will fit in your yard and where it should be positioned.

Visit Backyard Dreams at backyard-dreams.com to learn more about our wooden swing sets from top brands including Backyard Fun Factory, Tree Frogs and Gorilla Playsets. Backyard Dreams installs and maintains wood play sets throughout Colorado, including Denver, Fort Collins and Colorado Springs. Contact us about current specials!