If you are in Colorado, you’ve already seen a substantial amount of snow this fall! We get lots of winter-related trampoline questions, so here is a quick reference with a few of our most asked questions answered:

Can I leave my AlleyOOP trampoline up all year?

Yes, you can absolutely leave that trampoline up all winter! With an ultra-violet shield, 10 solid rows of stitching on the jumping surface, and high-quality polyethylene UV- and water-resistant shelled mat, the surfaces are made to withstand the elements. The frame won’t rust or twist and is made to withstand the wear and tear of the sun, sleet, snow, and rain.

Should I clear the snow off my trampoline? If so, how?

Yes, you can (and should) clear the snow off. But, do NOT use a shovel. Grab an outdoor broom and sweep the snow right under the pad. This clears the snow without the risk of cutting your jumping surface with the sharp metal edge of a shovel.

Will my trampoline be okay with the gusty windstorms that can be part of a Colorado winter?

Most trampolines on the market weigh around 175 pounds, while AlleyOop Trampolines range from 350 pounds up to 550 pounds. For many locations, that weight is enough to keep the trampoline securely on the ground. If you live in an especially windy location (parts of Boulder, Colorado Springs, Golden, and Fort Collins), we offer—and recommend—an anchor kit. Our anchor kit comes with 4 heavy-duty corkscrews and a sturdy strap that helps prevent your trampoline from taking off or flipping. These kits offer you peace of mind during those blustery days.

We use our trampoline during all four seasons here in Denver. Our kids love the way it sounds, and how it feels a bit different after the snow has been brushed off, but it is still a bit wet. There are December days where they are out there in short-sleeved shirts and shorts and more than a couple where they are out there in winter jackets shooting hoops, burning off energy. These trampolines are meant to both withstand the elements and the test of time. Let us know if you have any other questions!

We would love to hear what your favorite season is to use your AlleyOop Trampoline…