Winter Trampoline Accessories


The days are getting shorter and the trees are dropping their vibrant leaves here in Denver, Colorado, as Fall settles in and Winter looms just around the corner. Pants are replacing shorts and the kids are digging out sweatshirts for an early morning bounce before school. But just because the days are shorter doesn’t mean trampoline season is over, at least not here on the front range! Whether it is Christmas, Hanukkah, a winter birthday, or a “just because” surprise, we put together a list of some of our favorite winter trampoline accessories:

Ski Addiction Skis

An incredible accessory for serious, or seriously aspiring skiers, these skis allow you to train year-round on your trampoline. Constructed from high-density foam with just the right amount of flex, these skis are sure to improve your spins, grabs, corks, flips and more. Work out the timing, coordination, and balance of your tricks on the forgiving surface of your AlleyOOP trampoline, so when you hit the slopes this winter your style is as fresh as last night’s snow. This accessory is one of the pricier ones, but we think it is worth every penny–in durability, longevity, quality and fun–for your favorite skier.


Snowboard Addiction Snowboard

The ideal addition for any snowboard lover, this tramp board is unparalleled in quality and performance. Perfect old tricks, master that 360, or finally learn that double cork on the forgiving surface of your AlleyOOP trampoline. Inserts allow each rider to have just the right size board for them. Get yours today so you’ll be ready to shred tomorrow.


Proflex Basketball Hoop

If you don’t have an AlleyOOP basketball hoop, now is the time! Our most popular accessory allows kids to bounce, swish and slam dunk like a pro. While the benefits of the hoop range from improving motor skills, boosting balance, and encouraging collaboration and healthy competition, it is also just incredibly fun.

pro flex basketball hoop


Game & Party Pack

This game pack is loads of fun packed into one box. Containing 3 squishy balls, 4 elastic shock cords, chalk and a book with 20 games, the play possibilities are endless. While the games help kids develop stamina, agility, balance and spatial awareness, and more, we love the creativity that comes from adding a few extra things onto the trampoline. The game pack is excellent for young kids through teens, and we have known many parents and even a few grandparents brave enough to test their bounce skills with the young guns.


Bounce board

Ideal for your budding snowboarder or skateboard lover, this Bounce board is a blast to catch some air and try out some new moves. This board is durable, with just the right amount of flexibility, a slip resistant bottom, and adjustable foot straps so it can be used by jumpers young and old. As a bonus, it comes at a lower price point than some of the other tramp boards.


photo of a kid having a blast on his bounceboard

So, here is a list of just a few of our favorite winter accessories. We’d love to hear from you–what is your favorite on the list, or tell us what we missed!