Winter Care For Your Trampoline

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Winterizing Your Trampoline


When the first flurries arrive each year, we tend to get questions about what to do with your trampoline during the winter. Denver is finally expecting our first measurable snowfall later this week, and the front range should be getting some snow before then, so let’s go through what winterizing your trampoline looks like:








If you’ve lived in Colorado long you know that gusty windstorms typically blow in the cold fronts that deliver the beautiful blanket of snow that many of us love. The average AlleyOOP trampoline weighs 350-500 pounds, so it is rare for them to take flight in a gusty snow storm. However, if you live in a high-wind area, we recommend the extra security of an anchor kit, which can be installed by you, or us here at Backyard Dreams

anchor kit



To increase the longevity of your accessories, such as the tent, game pack, or mist system, we recommend bringing them indoors for the winter. Our kids love to bring the game pack and tent back out on those sunny winter days, but storing them inside will definitely make them last longer. 

kids playing in there out back tent




We recommend clearing off the jumping surface with a broom, either periodically as it snows (once/twice per day depending on the snowfall), or once the storm is over. While the jumping surface will sag under the weight of the snow, the high-carbon steel piano wire springs of your AlleyOOP trampoline will be just fine, as long as you clear off that jumping surface when the flakes stop flying. DO NOT use a shovel, as the metal edges can tear the jumping surface. Simply lift up the edge of the pad, and sweep the snow underneath. It is important to clear it off before the sun comes out and starts melting, or a layer of ice can form on the jumping surface. 



While some of our customers in the Colorado and Utah high-country have us disassemble their trampolines for the winter (one customer in Breckinridge, Colorado leaves the frame up due to a lack of storage space – see photo below), the majority of us use our trampolines year round–simply clearing off the snow and capitalizing on the warm sunny winter days that we get out here.






Let us know if you have any questions, and we would love to know if you have winter tips and tricks that you have discovered with your trampoline!

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