When deciding whether to invest more in a wooden swing set or buy a less expensive plastic swing set, be sure to evaluate these four factors in your decision:

1) More Activities and Configuration Options: Wood play sets offer many possibilities with a variety of components and ways you can configure them to best fit your yard. You can put the slide on the right side or the left. You can choose swings, teeter totters, monkey bars and more. Your kids can get exactly the features and activities they want—and you can ensure it fits into your yard in an appealing way!

2) Still Used as Kids Get Older: In our experience, we find that the variety of activities offered by wood swing sets keeps kids engaged as they get older, giving your play set more longevity. Plastic swing sets do seem to be built to entertain older children as well as wooden sets.

3) Ease of Repair and Maintenance: If part of your swing set breaks, it is much easier to replace a wooden board than to wait for a replacement piece from the manufacturer of a plastic set. Additionally, most retailers of high-end wooden swing sets offer service to come and not only repair, but maintain, your wood play set so that it endures over time.

4) Aesthetic Appearance: Wood swing sets are obviously more natural looking than plastic ones and will look more aesthetically pleasing in your backyard. Plastic swing sets are not as visually appealing; additionally, the color of plastic fades over time, eventually giving plastic sets a “run down” look.

Overall, wood swing sets give the best chance that your kids will play on the set for years to come. They are more aesthetically appealing and offer a greater variety of activities.

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