As a trampoline company that has been in business for over 12 years, we have seen, moved, installed, and periodically repaired almost every trampoline on the market. We decided early on to carry only brands that we believed in–products that would prioritize safety and quality, and that would facilitate fun and connection through movement and play. After 12 years, we still believe in the AlleyOOP trampolines, and carry them exclusively. As an authorized dealer, we guarantee the lowest price on all AlleyOOP trampolines. 

Why AlleyOOP?


As parents ourselves, safety is the highest priority. As with any physical outdoor activity, there are inherent risks; however, AlleyOOP has created a product that has mitigated these risks better than all of the main competitors, including Springfree, VULY and ACON. 

Bounce: The AlleyOOP VariableBounce was created with safety in mind. This technology engages each spring a fraction of a second after the other for a smoother bounce that reduces kickback–the number one place injuries occur. This technology also provides a smoother perimeter bounce, meaning jumpers can safely get a performance level bounce on the entire jumping surface. AlleyOOP also created the DoubleBounce trampoline, which is the absolute safest trampoline on the market. The DoubleBounce contains two jumping surfaces that act like a giant air cushion, reducing kickback even more and creating a bounce that is 50% more forgiving than any trampoline available today.The technology of the AlleyOOP trampolines creates the best bounce with the smoothest rebounds on the market.

Net: AlleyOOP was the very first trampoline on the market to have a safety enclosure, and it was engineered with safety and efficiency in mind. With an overlapping doorway your child can slip in and get right to playing, without needing to stop and zip up the entrance. This eliminates the risk of kids forgetting to close the entrance and falling off. In addition to making the entrance and exit on and off the trampoline safer and easier, not having a zipper is also one less thing that can break or need to be replaced. The net is rated at 295 pounds. This means that an almost 300 pound person could launch themselves into the net safely. Unlike other trampolines where the jumper would come into contact with the ground or get launched back in the center of the jumping surface, this net simply catches the jumper and allows them to get their feet back under them on the rest zone or jumping surface. The high quality materials provide both safety and durability, with a 10 year warranty–the best on the market.

Springs: In today’s trampoline world there are a lot of options, including springless trampolines. We agree, that concept is incredibly cool. Unfortunately, despite looking, we cannot find a springless option that has the safety or performance of an AlleyOOP trampoline. With shock- absorbing, gym-quality pads securely covering the zinc-plated, piano wire springs, the bounce is unparalleled, the kickback reduced, and your jumpers are safely protected from coming into contact with anything of risk. .


Second only to safety is performance. We wanted a product that could be used by casual families looking for play, connection and movement, as well as refined athletes looking to train. Here is how AlleyOOP meets those standards:

PowerBounce: This is the original customized jump tension, which means that as your children grow or even get competitive, you have the ability to adjust the tension to make sure you are achieving just the right bounce for your family. The more tension you have, the higher your bounce and the better your perimeter bounce is. With two layers of springs and three settings, you’ll be able to find just the right setting for your family, and change it as their skill and needs evolve. 

AlleyOOP 10×17 Rectangular: If you have a gymnast in your family, this is the trampoline for you. With an exceptionally high bounce, and just the right amount of length, your child will be able to safely hone their skills for years to come. 

Gtramp: If you’ve never heard of Gtramp, you aren’t alone, but you’ll likely be glad you did. Short for garden trampoline, disguising it from the Olympic sport of trampolining, athletes specialize flipping and tricks. Essentially a blend of freestyle snowboarding, parkour, and skateboarding, this incredible group of athletes seek out the highest bounce on the market, and consistently land with AlleyOOP trampolines. Read more about this awesome group here.


We know that these trampolines are an investment, so we wanted to carry a product whose company would stand behind it. With a lifetime warranty on the frame and enclosure poles, and a 10 year warranty on the jumping mat and net, we are confident that you won’t need to buy multiple trampolines. With a robust, heavy duty frame, AlleyOOP trampolines are not going to blow down the street during each gusty windstorm, or rust in the elements.

As a company, we are always on the lookout for products that align with our brand. We want to offer products to your family that create the spaces that we value in our own–spaces that allow us to laugh, move our bodies, play and grow together. The AlleyOOP brand remains the only brand of trampoline we carry because it meets our standards, and we think it will meet yours, too.

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