If you have little ones with boundless energy, you may be looking for a way to keep them entertained as the summer months approach. Trampolines are an excellent option to encourage your kids to play outdoors, but many parents are wary about their safety. If you’re thinking about purchasing a trampoline for your family, consider the benefits of in-ground versions.

An Aesthetically Pleasing Option

All trampolines are great for encouraging your children to burn off energy; if you’re trying to preserve the natural beauty of your property, consider an in-ground option. Since this feature will be professionally installed, you’ll enjoy a seamless look in your yard, and your kids will benefit from hours of playtime.

Are They Safer? 

One of the main concerns regarding above-ground trampolines is the potential for kids to fall from several feet. If you’re concerned about trampoline safety, you may feel more comfortable opting for an in-ground version. However, it’s important to keep in mind that it’s still possible to fall and land on hard ground, so we recommend installing a safety net. When the trampoline is enclosed, there’s a reduced risk of injury for jumpers.

Additional Details

If you’re considering an in-ground trampoline, you may be wondering how the installation process works. While an in-ground option will take longer to install, you’ll be impressed with the final results. When you’re ready to get started, be sure to speak with your contractor to determine the ideal trampoline size. After settling on the best size for your family’s needs, your trampoline company will recommend a local landscaper to assist in digging the pit and building the retaining wall.

Before the installation process begins, please note that in-ground trampolines can be uncomfortable to use if there’s not enough airflow. For best results, communicate with your contractors to ensure that the pit underneath the trampoline is deep enough with proper ventilation to provide adequate airflow. You should expect the process to take a few days, as the team will need to dig about three to four feet into the ground. If you’re concerned that the crew may run into utilities such as electrical or plumbing lines, don’t hesitate to call your local city planning office for additional insight.

Safety Tips

In order to facilitate proper drainage and ventilation, crewmembers will leave a few inches of space between the trampoline mat and the retaining wall. This gap makes it possible for arms or legs to get stuck, so it’s wise to urge your children to enter and exit the trampoline with caution. Once your new in-ground trampoline is complete, be sure to schedule maintenance on a regular basis. Since in-ground options are more difficult to examine, it’s important to bring in a professional to inspect the frame, springs, and jumping mat.

Both in-ground and above-ground trampolines can be a valuable addition to your yard. To keep your kids entertained with a fun form of exercise, consider purchasing a trampoline or playset from Backyard Dreams. We proudly serve Denver and the surrounding areas, and we’d love to provide your family with AlleyOop Trampolines and Redwood Playsets. To learn more about our inventory and the installation process, please get in touch with our team.