Want to give your kids a gift that will bring them joy for years? Consider investing in a backyard trampoline from our line of JumpSports’ AlleyOop trampolines. Our trampolines are the safest and sturdiest available. Trampolines are not only irresistible to kids, they offer many positive fitness and coordination benefits.

There are many types of trampolines on the market, and we can help you evaluate the factors that go into making a fun, durable and safe trampoline. Here are some guidelines:

  • Safety Net: Only purchase a trampoline with a high safety net around the perimeter. Nets prevent children from falling off the trampoline.
  • Padding: Choose a trampoline that has thick, rugged padding that covers the springs, hooks and the frame.
  • Bounce Technology: Look for trampoline springs that offer shock absorption to prevent jarring the body such as AlleyOop’s Double Bounce and Power Bounce designs.
  • Size: Measure the area in your yard where you can put a trampoline and ensure that you have enough space for a three-foot clear perimeter around all its sides.
  • Yard Position: It seems obvious, but try to map out an area to put the trampoline that is far away from the house, trees, other play equipment or lawn ornaments.

After you’ve purchased a trampoline, these guidelines will help keep kids even safer:

  • Remove Loose Items: Make sure kids always remove hair accessories or jewelry and remove items from pockets.
  • Supervision: Ensure an adult can keep an eye on kids while they use it.
  • Prevention. When not in use, remove ladders or footstools to prevent small children from climbing up onto the trampoline when there is no adult supervision.

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