Trampoline nets are essential to safety when jumping on a trampoline. Nets that enclose trampolines such as the nets on AlleyOop trampolines prevent jumpers from taking a tumble and also provide stability. Nets have other safety characteristics including an overlapping door, ultraviolet ray (UV) protection, pole padding and flexibility. AlleyOop trampoline nets offer all of these important features, in fact, AlleyOop (Jumpsport) invented the trampoline net enclosure which has prevented thousands of injuries.

  • Overlapping Door Entry: This doorway requires the user to step through an overlap in the net to get inside. There are no zippers, which allows easier access to the trampoline without the risk of forgetting to close the door once inside.
  • UV Protection: Everyone knows that it’s important to protect our skin from the sun, but few know that it’s essential to do the same for trampoline nets. Nets need UV protection to prevent sun damage, which can lead to breaks in the net.
  • Pole Padding: When jumping, bumping into poles is unavoidable. Poles should be encased in padding to avoid injury caused by these collisions because, after all, it’s difficult to change direction mid-air!
  • Flexibility: It is important for the net to be able to slow jumpers gently to a stop rather than to cause a sudden stop. The net should be flexible but strong.

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