Trampolines are fun and provide plenty of exercise. But how do you choose which one is the best for your yard? There are some very important things to consider when buying a trampoline. These include fitting into size restrictions of your yard, having a safety net, and buying from a trusted vendor.

•  Size Restrictions: Everyone’s yard is a different size. Trampolines are available in different shapes and sizes to complement your backyard such as 12’ and 14’ round systems and a 10’ x 17’ rectangular system. Of course, the area of the trampoline itself isn’t all that must be taken into account. You must also add be sure there’s room around the trampoline to allow access to it.

•  Safety Net: Safety is a big issue when having fun. Safety nets protect children as well as adults from bouncing off the trampoline. No matter what age the children are, it’s important to take every measure to ensure safety.
•  Buying From a Trusted Vendor: In order to ensure durability and quality, trampolines should only be bought from trusted vendors. They will last longer and provide more fun than a poorly put-together trampoline. To see if the vendor you are favoring qualifies as trusted, look at customer reviews, the age of the company, and presentation of the company on their website. Ask if the company offers professional installation and consider having them set it up for you.
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