When the snow melts, training starts!

Part of the joy of living in Colorado is ski resorts that stay open until camping season! Unfortunately, the snow quality tanks with the changing of seasons and for those of us who live for shredding the slopes, the season is indeed starting to wind down. That said, if you are looking for you kids to continue working on those hill-side skills until the snow starts flying next season, these trampoline snowboards and skis won’t disappoint.

Improve skills. Have fun. Train safe. 

Tramp Skis     

We have looked far and wide for high-quality trampoline skis, and these Ski Addictions take the cake. Your kids can improve their grabs, corks, spins and flips on the safety of a trampoline that safely absorbs the shock when the don’t land just right. The bindings are adjustable, so your whole crew can use them. Next year, when they hit the slopes, the muscle memory will be will established and all they’ll need is some fresh pow. And as a bonus, Ski Addiction has videos like this one to help your ski lover nail those tricks!

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Snowboard Better

When your shredder simply hates to leave the mountains behind, these Snowboard Addiction boards will more than hold them over until next season. Perfect shifties, grabs, and 180s while building confidence. Like the skis, it creates muscle memory in a safe environment, so when they hit the hills next year they won’t have missed a beat. With bindings that move and react like actual snowboard bindings, everything they learn translates to the slope with ease. Check out how-to videos here, or order yours now!

Ready, Set, Shred!

Just because the snow is dwindling doesn’t mean the passion that fuels your kids needs to fizzle too. Your crew can train and trick the summer away.

Your AlleyOOP trampoline + the Ultimate Trampoline Skis or Snowboard = Loads of Summer Fun!

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