Childhood memories are often highlight reels of moments spent with friends playing on a beloved park playground or backyard swing set. Sure, we remember our favorite teachers’ names and the smell of mom’s station wagon, but nothing beats the feeling of climbing up to the top of a playset to take in the expansive world.

At Backyard Dreams, our safe and fun redwood playsets put a world of exploration within reach. Here are the best backyard wooden playsets for your kids. 

Fun Shack Playset

This wooden playset is the perfect size for residential backyards. With a 5’ swing set and second-story clubhouse, kids of all ages will enjoy this multi-purpose play area. Its dark green Rave Slide transforms into an escape chute or acts as a passage way into another dimension. The clubhouse also sports binoculars and a steering wheel, inspiring kids to transform the Fun Shack into the exploration vessel of their dreams.

Maverick Playset

A step up in size from the Fun Shack, this redwood playset is built with two clubhouses on the first and second stories, respectively. The mailbox, wooden hammock, and enclosed upper level set the perfect stage for a game of house. Children will cherish the memories made on this attractive playset.

Fort Ranchero Playset

If you’re looking for a playset that offers a variety of activities but still fits into an average sized backyard, look no further than our Fort Ranchero Playset. Complete with a rock wall, rope ladder, tire swing, slide, and clubhouse, this compact beauty offers hours of entertainment.

Mustang Playset

Outfitted for epic backyard adventures, our Mustang Playset provides plenty of space and activities for children of all ages and skill levels. The rock wall will inspire dreams of mountain climbing, while the lemonade stand may just turn your little tyke into a business-savvy entrepreneur. Anything is possible with the Mustang Playset.

Fort Stockton

To a child, nothing is more fun than zipping down a smooth slide at lightning speed. Fort Stockton comes equipped with two exciting slides. The Rave Slide offers a straightforward, even ride perfect for the little ones, while the Texas Twister Slide delights at every bend. An enclosed upstairs cabin with a door offers the perfect hideout for secret clubhouse meetings or crafting projects.

Fort Davis

If you have little ones, Fort Davis is a great starter playset. The structure is lower to the ground, offering parents easier access to help toddlers and young children climb around. With a trapeze bar, belt swings, and lemonade stand, older kids can also enjoy this playset.

Fort Ranger

This is a great playset for elementary aged children and offers a plethora of activities to keep them busy. A rope ladder and rock wall inspire the inner climber while the tire and belt swing teach them that the sky is the limit! Your backyard will be the talk of the neighborhood with the Fort Ranger playset.

At Backyard Dreams, we draw inspiration from our own childhoods to make engaging, fun playsets that will give your children awesome memories of their own. We’re the backyard wooden playsets experts. Not sure what you’re looking for? Give us a call and we’ll come out for a free consultation to ensure you and your kids get the playset of your dreams.

(Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash)