Trampolines come with many different options but when considering which trampoline is the best for your family, keep in mind the following safety features that add to the fun.

  • A Net: A fully-enclosing net on a trampoline is the most important way to keep jumpers safe. The net protects children and adults from taking a tumble off the trampoline and onto the ground. But not all nets are created equal and there are various safety features when it comes to choosing the safest trampoline net. The safest trampoline nets include an overlapping door to prevent falling out, ultra violet ray protection, padding around the poles, a net that is flexible or ‘gives’ when pushed against, and the strength necessary to keep jumpers on the trampoline.
  • Spring Padding: Be sure to cover the springs. A spring pad increases safety by providing a padded layer above the springs for a softer landing.
  • Stability: Running into a trampoline net can cause the trampoline to rock and sometimes tip. The heavier the trampoline and the more stable its base, the less likely it is to tip or rock. AlleyOop trampolines, for example, range from a hefty 350 to 550 lbs which makes these trampolines safe from tipping if there’s a collision with the net.

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