Outdoor Airtrax: a birth story

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Outdoor AirTraX: A Birth Story

Everyone loves a good birth story, and we would love to share how Outdoor AirTraX was born.

An Idea is Planted

Joey Delmore started his company, Backyard Dreams, in 2010. He wanted to start a company that sold high-quality outdoor products that would facilitate play, movement, and connection. His primary product was and is AlleyOOP trampolines–the safest, highest-performing, and longest lasting trampolines on the market. Over the years he noticed there was a need for a product that would allow customers whose HOA didn’t allow trampolines, or whose yards were too small, to bring stimulating bounce play to their home. He began looking into air tracks on the market, hoping to find one that he could carry to both create additional play opportunities for trampoline and playset customers, and provide that stimulation for customers who couldn’t have, or didn’t want, a trampoline. Unfortunately, he discovered the current air tracks are almost exclusively designed for the indoors, and the ones that claimed to be outdoor products had sub-par warranties–neither of which felt like a good fit for the company he’d built.

The Idea Grows Roots

In 2020, after years of paddleboarding, Joey discovered river stand up paddleboarding, and purchased a local Colorado man’s River SUP, SOL. After his first river adventure he came home and declared that this was the quality of air track he was looking for–a product designed to be outside, durable enough to handle nature’s elements, and with an excellent warranty. He started a conversation with the creator of SOL about manufacturing and creating a new product, and began the design process for what would become Outdoor AirTraX.


The Idea Sprouts

Joey’s wife, Martha, trusted Joey’s knowledge of the customer’s needs and his vision for the air track; however, she was unsure there was a real market for the product or how it would flow with the company they already had. When the first prototypes arrived, that all changed. From the design to the quality to the creative ways it was used, she fell in love with the product. They expected their children to bounce and tumble, using it indoors and outdoors. What they did not expect was their 10 year old sensory seeker to bring it to the living room to hop on while he watched a documentary and played his video games. They didn’t expect the creative ways the kids would use it as a platform for performances and challenges, or the collaboration and cooperation that would occur as a group of children brought it to the top of a hill on a camping trip. On the same day, the Outdoor AirTraX air track was used in the living room, next to the lake at a picnic, and the front yard when friends came to play. Needless to say, Martha is all in, and has been excited to partner in the process of getting Outdoor AirTraX into the hands of customers.



Outdoor AirTraX is Born

So, we present to you our new baby. Born in Littleton, Colorado to a business owner and two parents who believe in movement, play, versatility, and the soul-filling joy of being outdoors: Outdoor AirTraX.

We think you will love it just as much as we do, and we can’t wait to hear the creative, exciting ways your family will use it!

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