Once your children have mastered the first set of trampoline tricks, they can easily add to their repertoire with these additional acrobatic moves.

The Tuck Jump. Skill Level: Beginner

This one is very simple. First you maintain a good, high bounce. Then at the top of each bounce, quickly tuck your knees into your chest and then un-tuck and straighten your legs in order to land. This is a very basic trick, but it strengthens coordination and balance.

The Twist. Skill Level: Beginner

Just like with the Tuck Jump, maintain a steady, high bounce. Once you have reached a good height, on the way up, twist your body around 180 degrees. If you land that one, try to spin 360 degrees or even attempt 720 degrees. Although this may sound simple, it strengthens children’s core muscles, improves their balance and is easy to master. It’s the most fun when they learn to twist more than 180 degrees.

These tricks are fun and help children to develop muscle strength, coordination and balance.

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