Learn the Different Types of AlleyOop Trampolines

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At Backyard Dreams, we sell and install AlleyOop trampolines—the best on the market. Kids love them and they’re a great way to get fit while having fun.

AlleyOop trampolines allow you to select varying levels of protection and bounce customization. This will help you understand the options in order to make the best choice for your family.

AlleyOop Trampolines

Power Bounce Trampolines: AlleyOop’s patented PowerBounce™ System gives jumpers the best possible shock absorption and bounce performance of any trampoline. It’s the first and only single-bed trampoline that can be customized for different age, weight and skill levels. It also expands performance so that jumpers with a wider range of weights and skill levels can safely enjoy the same set-up. Its adjustable TripleStage-DualSpring™ assembly allows the lower PowerSprings to be custom-set to the top, middle or bottom setting. The bottom setting provides the best combination of shock absorption and performance because it super-stages the springs. There is simply no better trampoline than one with PowerBounce technology.

Double Bounce Trampolines: AlleyOop’s patented DoubleBounce™ System with AirShock™ technology is one of the best and safest trampolines for your kids. It is 50% more forgiving than ordinary trampolines—a step up from the VariableBounce™ models. It reduces the risk of injury with a revolutionary design that offers more important safety and performance features than any single-bed trampoline. It’s the world’s most advanced safety-engineered trampoline available. It also includes our strongest safety enclosure, the Triple-Fail-Safe™ backup system, which ensures that your kids will stay safely inside no matter how high they jump.

Variable Bounce Trampolines: AlleyOop’s patented VariableBounce™ System engages the springs at different times. When the jumper lands, some springs engage immediately. Other springs engage a split-second later; this allows the jumper to absorb the impact of the jump more gradually and slowly. Kids benefit from a more forgiving landing that reduces the risk of injury while also enjoying a higher (and more fun) return bounce.

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