Out of all the different types of aerobic exercise, jumping on a trampoline is one of the most efficient—and fun—forms of exercise kids can do. There are many unique physiological benefits for kids from using a trampoline over time, including:

  • Increased aerobic capacity and muscular strength without extreme exertion or jarring the skeletal system as with high-impact aerobics
  • Healthier lymphatic system, blood flow, lungs and internal organs
  • Improved posture, balance and coordination
  • The freedom, joy and fun of pure mobility through jumping, turning, twisting
  • Weight loss

Jumping on a trampoline (or rebounding) is different than all other forms of exercise because it puts gravity to work for you with the least muscular effort. First of all, it is an excellent method of lymphatic circulation, which improves overall health and immunity to illness.

Additionally, when you bounce upward and then come down on a trampoline, the gravitational pull on your heart and muscles when you come down makes them stronger, even without significantly increasing your heart rate.

That leads to the question, if jumping on a trampoline is so good for you, how come everyone doesn’t have one? One answer is that our society has been conditioned to believe that exercise only works if it is difficult and painful—the “no pain, no gain” mentality. It’s time to teach our kids that exercise can be fun—something to look forward to—so get them a trampoline!

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