So, you decided to get your kids a backyard trampoline for Christmas, huh? Congratulations! It’s a gift that they will enjoy for years to come. If you decide to actually have the trampoline assembled in your backyard before gift giving time, here are some creative ways to “wrap” it!

How to Give a Trampoline as a Gift

Tree tinsel strands and decorations: Buy some long strands of shiny tree tinsel and some inexpensive plastic ornaments. You can wrap the tinsel around the trampoline net one or more times and secure it with twisty ties or string. Hang the plastic ornaments from the netting around the perimeter as well.

Christmas lights: If you can use an extension cord from an outdoor power outlet to reach the trampoline, you can also wrap strands of outdoor lights around the trampoline through the netting. Imagine when the kids get up at the crack of dawn while it’s still dark outside—they will see the spectacular lights in the backyard and squeal with joy!

Balloons: What kid doesn’t love balloons? Buy bags of balloons in holiday colors like red, white and green. Blow them up and fill the trampoline with them. When they discover the new trampoline and run outside, you’ll see their faces light up even more when they get in and jump around in a sea of colorful balloons.

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