Perhaps you’ve thought that a backyard trampoline would make a great Christmas gift, but then you got cold feet at the prospect of trying to hide a trampoline from the kids. You know how clever and observant your kids can be! For many, snooping through closets is a favorite sibling pastime during the holiday season.

How to Hide a Trampoline Before the Big Day

Hide a trampoline in your own garage or shed: The most convenient storage place is your own garage or shed. There is a risk that kids will see the boxes, so you need to cover them with a tarp or sheet. Next, collect some “garage junk” like boxes, old skis, lawn tools, etc., and place them in front of and on top of the covered boxes. Make sure the “junk” is unappealing (don’t use toys!) so that the kids will have zero interest in digging around in it.

Ask your neighbor to hide your trampoline: Does Bob next door always borrow your weed whacker? Well, it’s time to call in a favor. Ask him to store the trampoline boxes in his garage or shed. Make sure to cover the boxes (in case your kids go over and visit) and be sure Bob gives you easy access when you’re ready to get them out.

Yours—or a neighbor’s—off-site boat or RV garage: Enlist a neighbor to help you lift the boxes into a large vehicle, truck, RV or boat and haul them to an off-site garage. This is definitely the most foolproof option, but the least convenient. You’ll need help to go and retrieve the items shortly before gift-giving time, so make sure you can arrange that first.

Show kids a picture and schedule delivery after Christmas: If you’ve ordered your trampoline too late for pre-Christmas delivery, or if you just don’t have a garage or large enough space to hide the boxes, we recommend creating a simple sheet of paper. Find a picture of the manufacturer’s trampoline on the Internet and paste it into your doc. Put a message on it like “Your trampoline will arrive in 30 days. Merry Christmas!”

If you do receive your trampoline before Christmas, you can trust that our delivery team will help you keep the secret! If your kids are around during the delivery, we will not mention what is in the boxes. But it’s a good idea if you can schedule delivery when they’re not home!

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