Kids love trampolines, so why not invest in one so that they have fun AND increase their amount of exercise? Today’s kids would rather play video games. Getting them outside can be a challenge. Trampolines are one lure that kids can’t resist. When you’re hanging out watching them on a beautiful spring day, you can recommend these exercises to boost their fitness levels and enhance their fun:

Knee Raises: As you jump and reach the top of your jump, bring your knees upward toward your chest. Keep your head straight so you don’t hit your head with your knees. Knee raises work the abdominal muscles and the hip flexors. Try raising both knees at once, then alternating one leg at a time to target different abdominal muscles.

Shuttle Jumps: You jump from one side of the trampoline towards the middle. Then jump back to the side. Then back to the middle. Through maintaining a sideways position as you jump and land, you work out the hard-to-train oblique muscles.

Jumping Jacks: They are fun on land, but are a blast as you gain big airtime on a trampoline as compared to on the ground. So, do jumping jacks on the trampoline; it’s a powerful way to get your heart rate up and burn lots of calories.

Straddle Jump:
 Straddle jumps are modified jumping jacks: as you reach the top of your jump, point your legs out to each side and raise your legs as high as you can. Your goal is to make your legs parallel with the ground as your arms reach down to touch your toes. This exercise might take effort to master, but it improves your flexibility and balance.

Many athletes use trampoline jumping not only for exercise, but to improve strength, balance, flexibility and coordination. So take a tip from the professionals and get your kids jumping their way to better health and fitness.