Kids love wood play sets and you can keep them happier—and healthier—by purchasing one for your backyard. As you are evaluating which wood play set and configuration to buy, it will help to assess kids’ ages and needs, yard size, desired set features and safety guards.

How old are your kids?
First, you need to consider the age of your children in determining which features to include in your wooden swing set. Make sure you ask for features that fit their current age range. The good thing about high-end wood sets is that you can add features more suitable for older ages in the future so that your kids will want to play on the set for many years.

How will it fit in your yard?
You must measure and assess the size of your yard and also the things in your yard that you may need to work around. Make sure the swing set will take up a reasonable amount of space, but not so much that it will render the rest of your yard unusable. Carefully take into account existing features like your patio, a pool, fire pit or basketball court. You want to ensure that you have at least a six to ten foot clearance all the way around your wood play set if possible. We can help you evaluate your yard to ensure that your play set is configured to fit just right!

What features do you want?
High-quality wooden play sets typically offer many customizable features. Talk to your kids and select the ones that your family will use the most. Here’s a helpful list:

  • Monkey Bars: Monkey bars are often metal for endurance and to support various weights. Kids use their arms to swing from one bar to the next.
  • Climbing Rope/Stairs: Rope stairs and rope nets give kids multiple ways to climb up and down. Ask about the option of adding a plastic rock wall too!
    Slides and Tubes: Plastic slides are most popular. There are also plastic tunnel tube slides that go down straight or curve. Some sets offer poles that children can slide down instead of or in addition to slides.
  • Swings: Swings can be wooden or plastic. You can ask for infant swings and tire swings. Explore the options!
  • Forts: Forts are platforms that have top canopies. This helps to keep the sun off the children.
  • Bridges: Bridges are made of plastic or wood. They can swing or can be fully supported. They often link one platform to another one.
  • Sandboxes: A sandbox is often placed outside of the play set or under a platform. It’s an additional fun feature that gives them something else to do.

What safety features does it offer?
Make sure your wood swing set is safe for your kids’ ages and physical size. Look at the drops from monkey bars to the ground—and the width in between bars and railings—to ensure that your children can reach them, but will not get stuck in them. Also think about sun exposure: If your set is in a sunny area, it’s best to avoid features made of metal because it gets too hot.

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