Fun Tricks on the Trampoline

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Trampoline tricks and skills

As the top Denver trampoline seller, we understand that you want to make the most of this very fun family investment. From beginners to experts, here are some tricks that can be performed on trampolines. Be careful when attempting these tricks and be sure that you are the only person on the trampoline when you perform.

Sit Bounce. Skill Level: Beginner

Get a nice bounce going, and once you reach the top of the bounce, lift your legs from under you, but not so far that you will land on your back. Then, fall the rest of the way, taking a ‘seat’ on the bed of the trampoline. If you can master this, try to get enough height so that you can bounce high enough to land on your feet.

Back Bounce. Skill Level: Intermediate

This bounce is similar to the Sit Bounce, but instead of sitting on the bed of the trampoline, you will end up laying on it. As with the Sit Bounce, gain some momentum through high bounces. Once you reach the top of the bounce, lift your legs out from under you, but also try to push your back down to land on. Then brace a little. You should easily land on your back and be sprung right back up. The best way to gain confidence with this trick is to begin with a Sit Bounce and slowly transition to a Back Bounce. Once the basics of this trick are mastered, you can try to gain enough momentum to land on your feet after bouncing on your back.

These tricks are fun and add more challenge to your trampoline experience. They can be as simple or as complex as you desire, and you can even create your own using these as building blocks.

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