Fun Games With a Play Set

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Backyard wooden play sets and swing sets can provide hours of fun.  Here are just a few examples of the games that are fun for all ages.

  Hide and Seek – A classic game that can be played nearly anywhere is more fun with the new hiding spots a swing set provides. One child counts to ten with his eyes closed while the others scramble to hide in the yard and in the play set such as in the hidden part of the slide.  The child that counts then becomes the ‘seeker’ and tries to find each child in his hiding spot. The last child to be found wins the game. 

   Tag – Tag provides even more fun with new challenges and strategies kids need to face to win the game. The children can play Anything Goes Tag where one child chases the others until all are tagged.  A variation is Base Tag, which allows certain ‘safe-zones’ such as a pole or a swing where players cannot be tagged.  Children have fun finding creative ways to get to home base without being tagged. They can only stay at home base for a count of five before they have to run again and avoid being tagged. The last child tagged is the winner and then becomes the tagger in the next round.

   Jungle Jeep Safari – Musical chairs on a play set. Using different pieces of equipment such as slides, swings and steps as ‘Jeeps’, have the kids walk, jump and crawl around the play set until you say “Look out for the tiger”. Then the kids will try to get on one of the ‘Jeeps’ so that they are not the last one standing. Then remove a ‘Jeep’ and play again until there is only one child left.

 These are only a few of the fun games that are playable with a play set in addition to the normal swinging, sliding and make-believe. These games can be mixed and matched to be even more fun depending on the age of your kids. Play sets are a win for everyone in the family. Spend some quality time with your kids while exercising and having fun! Visit Backyard Dreams at

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