Trampolines are a great way to keep kids active, outside and engaged in physical activity. But many parents have concerns about trampoline safety. By investing in a high-quality trampoline with safety features and by implementing safety rules, you and your family can have fun bouncing for years to come!

Trampoline Safety

A great resource to consider when investing in a trampoline is This site offers reviews, tips and tricks to take into consideration when purchasing a trampoline. The site offers the following “top ten” safety tips for trampolines:

  1. Read safety instructions in the trampoline and safety net owner’s manual.
  2. Always use a quality safety enclosure.
  3. Only one jumper at a time.
  4. Children under 6 should not jump on backyard trampolines. Rather, find a kids trampoline made for toddlers and younger children.
  5. Children should be supervised at all times while jumping.
  6. No somersaults and flips.
  7. Make sure any bars or springs are sufficiently padded. Many low-end trampoline manufacturers do not provide enough padding and coverage. Buy high quality trampolines that address this issue or invest in higher quality pads.
  8. Make sure the safety net enclosure door is shut or purchase an overlapping entry net.
  9. Use a ladder that can be removed. Be sure to remove ladder when trampoline is not in use so kids can not gain access in absence of supervision.
  10. Play it safe and play to have fun! *