There are an endless number of games that can be played on backyard wooden play sets and swing sets.  Here are just a couple of the games that can provide hours of fun and exercise for your children.

  Scavenger Hunts: A great way to celebrate birthdays and holidays, many people have fond memories of looking for small toys and candy hidden around their houses and backyards. A play set provides far more places to hide these treasures and makes for a good place to take a break from all the action. Be warned, a stale pack of candy may be found months after the celebration!

  Groundies: This is a fun one for play sets. One person is ‘It’ and everyone stands in a circle. ‘It’ counts to ten while everyone else runs to the play set.  Once ‘It’ reaches the count of ten, he or she can open their eyes. The player who is ‘It’ tries to tag the other players, who then become ‘It’. The player who is ‘It’ can open their eyes when on the ground but must close their eyes if they go onto the equipment. If a player is on the ground, ‘It’ can yell ‘Groundies!’ and anyone on the ground is then ‘It’.

Play sets help children to explore their creativity and allow you to spend some quality time with your kids while exercising and having fun! Visit Backyard Dreams at