Outdoor AirTraX: What size adventure board is right for you?

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Outdoor AirTraX:

Which size adventure board is right for you?

Outdoor AirTraX adventure boards blend the rugged durability of a river stand up paddle board with the bounce and rebound of an air track. The result is a four-season, all-terrain adventure board with unparalleled versatility and endless potential–but what size adventure board should you choose? air track

First, identify the primary uses for your Outdoor AirTraX. Is your family on the adventurous side? Are you seeking out new campsites or hiking trailheads and wanting to bring along an awesome piece of equipment for the kids? Maybe your summer is filled with softball tournaments and  you are looking for something fun for siblings to do. If the median age of your kids is younger and your days are spent at home, you may need  something to provide high-energy play and movement. Outdoor AirTraX is wildly versatile, and can be used indoors, outdoors, at home and on adventures. Identifying your primary uses makes it easier to know which of these air tracks will work best for your crew.

Next, let’s break down the options:

 Outdoor AirTraX 10′

Great for on-the-go and quick indoor/outdoor transitions

The 10’ air track is ideal for smaller spaces, and the easiest to move. It provides a great deal of fun, movement, and creativity, while not being as cumbersome as some of the larger options to move. This model can easily be moved from the yard to the house by a single adult or a couple of children, weighing only 32 pounds. If your family or space is smaller, or there is typically only one adult when taking it on outdoor adventures, this is an excellent option. The customer who took the 10’ on a rafting trip said it was the perfect size!



Outdoor AirTraX 16′

Big enough for slip-n-slide and still easy to transport–the most versatile of them all

The 16’ adventure board is my personal favorite. It is large enough to be fun for slip-n-slide but short enough to still move around the house. While the kids were able to move it around the beach site as they transitioned from one activity to another with it, it did require some adult muscle at times, weighing 51 pounds. Roomy basements and long hallways make wonderful indoor spaces for crummy weather days, but a grassy patch or space on a river bank is easy to find for the 16’ air track. air track.




Outdoor AirTraX 23′

More space means more room for play, movement, and fun

The largest and heaviest of the Outdoor AirTraX products, this is the Queen of them all. Weighing 67 pounds, it isn’t the easiest to move but arguably the most fun outdoors. If slip-n-slide is your jam, this air track is a shoe-in. This air track also provides plenty of space to run, tumble, and train for gymnasts. This outdoor air track was a huge hit at the campsite, periodically hosting more than one game at a time with two groups of children. If you aren’t moving your air track regularly, or have a couple of adults who don’t mind the work, the 23’ air track is an absolute blast. air track

    Combining Outdoor AirTraX is another option, and there are two ways to do this.

    First, we offer a Velcro option for customers who want to double the width. Because of the thickness of the material which increases durability, we were limited in our ability to increase the width. As a workaround, we offer the ability to double the width by purchasing two air tracks and connecting them with Velcro coverings.

    Additionally, we have found that children enjoy the creativity that is born out of have two different sizes. Perhaps you want the 10’ for camping and outdoor adventures, while the 23’ stays in the yard or your basement. Maybe you love the versatility of the 16’, but also want the more transportable option of the 10’—rest assured, your children will use them together in ways you never could have imagined!

    Finally, you can order any or all of them here.

    At the end of the day, what size adventure board will matter less than the fact that you have one! We think you will love whichever Outdoor AirTraX your family purchases. This all-around piece of equipment offers endless play, creativity, movement and connection.

    Let us know which one you chose, and why! air track air tracks

    Move. Play. Adventure.

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