You may know that trampolines are a great way for kids to get exercise, but do you know that jumping can provide many health benefits to adults as well?

Weight loss – Jumping on a trampoline creates a rebounding effect which reduces body fat as it engages the whole body. Not only will you build muscles in your legs while you jump, but the rebounding upward bounce will help your entire body tone up.  According to a NASA study, a 150-pound individual will burn more calories rebounding for an hour than they will if they were to run for an hour.
Increased circulation – As you bounce on the trampoline, your muscles such as those in your calf will contract and force blood through the heart to be replenished with oxygen.  The result is better circulation and potentially less clogging of the arteries.
Reduced stress – Rebounding can reduce cortisol (stress hormones) and increase the feel-good endorphins in your body.  Even just the act of getting outside and jumping can take your mind off your worries and reduce your stress levels.
With a trampoline in your backyard, it’s easy to take advantage of the health benefits and live a healthier life.  Visit Backyard Dreams at and get $100 off any trampoline til 12/31.




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