Bouncing on a trampoline is great for kids and adults. Not only does bouncing help strengthen children’s muscles and increase their coordination, but it has phenomenal health benefits for adults too!
Healthy Heart: Just like all cardio exercise, bouncing strengthens your heart muscles. Stronger heart muscles mean the heart pumps more blood with fewer beats and a strong heart reduces your chance of developing heart disease.
Detoxification: Jumping on the trampoline engages your body’s natural detoxification system, the lymphatic system. The lymphatic system removes the toxins from your system and boosts your immunity.
Reduced Stress: Bouncing reduces your stress hormones and increases the feel-good endorphins in your body. A trampoline in your backyard will encourage you to get outside and jump which will take your mind off your worries and reduce your stress levels.
Invest in your health with a trampoline. It’s an easy and fun way to fit in your cardio—all while having fun with your family!
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