Playsets are a staple of childhood, and a traditional wooden playset looks beautiful in any backyard. If you’re considering making this investment for your family, you may be tempted to handle transportation and setup on your own. However, there are several factors to keep in mind. In many cases, professional delivery and installation is the best choice for your kids’ backyard playset. Here, we share a few of the key details to consider before purchasing one. 

Playsets Won’t Fit in Most Standard Vehicles 

If you purchase a playset from a major retailer, you may discover (the hard way) that this equipment usually won’t fit comfortably in your car, truck, or SUV. If you do manage to make the boxes fit, parts could become damaged during the journey home if they’re not properly secured. To ensure that all parts remain safe during and after delivery, consider ordering a deluxe wooden playset from a specialty company that handles delivery and installation. 

Setup is Time Consuming 

Even the simplest kids’ backyard playset requires a tedious setup process. If you’ve never assembled this type of equipment before, you may need several hours of prep time before the playset is ready to unveil to your family. This time-consuming set of tasks is frustrating for many parents, so busy families may prefer to seek professional help and get the playset assembled as quickly as possible. 

Improper Setup Leads to Safety Concerns 

Setting up a playset is more complicated than you may imagine, and a mistake or missed step can lead to serious safety concerns. Many setup direction manuals can be challenging to follow, so if you’re uncomfortable going the DIY route, contact a reputable company for assistance. In most cases, the best solution is to order from a local vendor and choose the delivery and installation option for peace of mind. 

Transporting and setting up a kids’ backyard playset is no simple feat, and can lead to hours of frustration and time wastage. If you’d prefer to skip the hassle and ensure the safest option for your family, our team at Backyard Dreams is here to help. We offer an excellent selection of high-quality wooden playsets that are beautiful, durable, and among the safest on the market. To find the best fit for your family, browse our selection online or reach out to our team. In addition to stress-free delivery and installation, we offer routine maintenance check-ins so you can always feel confident that your kids are safe at play.