One of the best parts about living in Colorado is the year-round outdoor fun. We get asked regularly about what to do with your trampoline during the winter, and the answer is: it depends.

Colorado’s High Country

For those of you living in the high-country, Aspen, Vail, Avon, Steamboat, Summit County and similar places, we recommend a full or partial disassembly. The trampoline will be completely disassembled and stored for the snowy months with a full disassembly. On the contrary, only the jumping surface will be removed for a partial disassembly. This leaves the frame, springs, and pad in tact for the winter, but eliminates the springs being stretched by the weight of the snow.  The downfall of the partial disassembly that it is possible for moisture to get inside the spring connections on the frame. We typically recommend a full-disassemble, but provide both services to customers who don’t want to do it themselves. We have many customers that we disassemble for in the late fall, and reassemble for in the spring.

Some wild company at a winter disassemble in Breckenridge, Colorado.

Colorado’s Front Range & Eastern Plains

For those living along the front range in Denver, Fort Collins, Colorado Springs and surrounding areas, it is absolutely an option to keep your trampoline up year-round. Colorado’s warm winter days are perfect for jumping, flipping, and tricking. Plus, we have skiis and snowboards so your crew can practice skills off the slope. So, here is our advice if (like us) you want to keep your trampoline up all year:

  • NEVER use a shovel on your trampoline. The metal will absoltely tear the jumping surface.
  • Use a push broom to clear snow when we get more than 6 inches, or less if it is a super wet spring snow.
  • Lift the trampoline pad to make it easier to brush the snow off the surface.
  • Pay attention to back-to-back storms. Sometimes we get a few in a row, and while none are super big snows, they will add up.

Keep in mind that our warm days and cold nights can cause a layer of ice to form on the jumping surface. Use caution when getting on a trampoline with snow in case ice has formed.

Finally, whether you decide to keep your trampoline up all year and play rain, snow or shine, or disassemble for the coldest months, we are here to help.

More questions? We are here to answer them!

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