Fun Trampoline Games

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Getting your kids a large trampoline for the backyard? Kids love simply jumping up and down, but if you want to help them liven it up, here are a few trampoline games you can suggest:

Dead Man: Best with three to six players. Pick the “Dead Man”: one person who will sit in the middle of the trampoline, with eyes closed, and count to ten. The other players are located around the perimeter of the trampoline. When the Dead Man is done counting, another player calls “Dead man rise!” The Dead Man, keeping his eyes closed, starts to crawl or roll around the trampoline trying to touch the other players. The other players can move any way they want except that they cannot jump over the Dead Man. When the Dead Man touches someone, that player now becomes the Dead Man and the game starts over.

Poison Ball: Best with two to five players. Put one to four plastic or rubber balls on the trampoline. The players can move and jump any way they like, but they must avoid being touched by a ball. If a ball touches someone, they are “out” and must get off the trampoline. The last player still on the trampoline wins.

Pop the Popcorn: Best with two to five players. Have one player sit in the middle of the trampoline hugging their knees to their chest in a tight ball. All of the other players start jumping until the “popcorn” (the player in the middle) finally “pops”—that is, until the jumping finally jostles the seated player out of their original knee-hugging position.

TRAMP: Best with two to five players. One player chooses a trampoline trick, like jumping while doing a summersault. The other players take turns, in order one-by-one, doing the same trick. When a player fails, she gets a “T”, then an “R”, then an “A”, then an “M”, then a “P.” Once a player has spelled the whole word, she is out. The last player still in the game wins.

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