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Adventure Board™ 10′



Outdoor AirTraX are air tracks made specifically for the outdoors—year-round. It is durable, transportable, and versatile. Whether you have a narrow yard, an HOA that won’t allow trampolines, or just want to add another awesome, high-quality piece of equipment for your family to move, play, and connect with, we have you covered.
How is Outdoor AirTraX different than other air tracks on the market?

  • Most are made from a single layer dropstitch. Ours are Double Layer Dropstitch material, which means it can hold more weight, and the material can endure the more rugged elements of the outdoors.
  • Fusion Dropstitch material can reach higher PSI, allowing us to offer a 5 year warranty—the highest on the market.
  • Army grade material and UV resistant, which allows it to stay outdoors for longer periods of time.

Most air tracks are designed for indoors—basements, gyms, and playrooms. We have been working on creating a product for years that allows kids the creativity to move the play both indoors and outdoors, without the risk of ruining the air track. Outdoor AirTraX is born out of a blending of River Stand Up Paddle Boards and traditional air tracks, creating a product that offers unparalleled quality, and endless play.

Velcro upgrade allows users to attach air tracks together.

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Outdoor AirTraX 10′:
10′ x 40″ x 8″

Outdoor AirTraX 16′:
16′ x 40″ x 8″

Outdoor AirTraX 23′:
23′ x 40″ x 8″

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