Eldo Workout Wall (7′ H x 10.5′ W) 150 Climbing Holds Incl


The Eldo Workout Wall is the perfect DIY home climbing wall. Climbers, non-climbers, kids, basically anyone who wants to get moving in a small space will love this indoor playground.

  • Set up to 9 different routes to follow using one color of holds for each route. Your kit comes with nine colors.
  • Use the mix of 150 different holds to create routes as easy or hard as you like. Adjust the size and orientation of the holds to make them more or less challenging.
  • The Climbing Slabs with FREEMount Flanges are very easy to install with just 2 people with a screw gun, level, and a stud-finder. Watch this quick video to see how simple the process is.
  • Apartment and rental friendly–easy to take back down with just small screw holes to fill.

      DELIVERY TIMES It is possible these panels will take more than 6 weeks to deliver due to supply chain issues.

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