The ultimate Multi-use equipment for the whole family

Year-round fun for the whole family!

  • Excellent outlet for high-energy kids
  • Water play at home and on-the-go
  • Facilitates collaboration and connection
  • Endless opportunity for movement and creativity
  • Grows with the family
  • Easily transportable: No yard? Small yard? No problem!

“The Adventure Board is the toy that keeps giving! I’m amazed by all the creative ways my kids have used it in water and on land. Hours and hours of entertainment!” Renee, Durango CO

Move. Play. Adventure.

The Adventure Board™ blends the rugged durability of a river stand up paddle board with the bounce and rebound of an air track.

The result is a four-season, all-terrain Adventure Board™ with unparalleled versatility and endless potential.

Adventure Board™ 10′

Includes FREE hand pump, carrying bag, and patch kit.


Adventure Board™ 16′

Includes FREE electric pump, carrying bag, and patch kit.


Allows users to connect two air tracks together

Adventure Board™ 23′

Includes FREE electric pump, carrying bag, and patch kit.


Allows users to connect two air tracks together


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Adventure Boards™ – The Ultimate Multi-Use Backyard & Adventure Accessory

Ideal for regulating maturing nervous systems, the Adventure Board™ provides rebound and adjustable bounce stimulation at home and on the go. It facilitates creativity, collaboration, movement and play while being safer and leaving a smaller footprint than other more permanent outdoor play equipment. 

Whether you have a narrow yard, an HOA that won’t allow trampolines, or just want a transportable, high-quality piece of equipment to move, play, and adventure with, we have you covered.

Built to Last:

  • Double Layer Dropstitch material, which means it can hold more weight, and the material can endure the more rugged elements of the outdoors. 250 pieces of thread/sq. foot
  • Fusion Dropstitch material can reach a PSI of 20
  • 7 year warranty—the highest on the market!
  • Army grade material and UV resistant allows it to stay outdoors for longer periods of time, making it a four-season, all-terrain equipment!
  • Load Capacity:
    • Ground: 10′ – 1000 lbs / 16′ – 2000 lbs / 23′ – 3000 lbs
    • Water: 10′ – 750 lbs / 16′ – 1,500 lbs / 23′ – 2,250 lbs

Pump it up in your favorite place–the yard, lake, living room, campsite, or park–and start playing now!

We can’t wait to see how you use your Adventure Board™.

Move. Play. Adventure.

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Adventure Board™ 10′:
10′ x 40″ x 8″ – inflated

8” x 8” x 45” – rolled up

Adventure Board™ 16′:
16′ x 40″ x 8″ – inflated

9” x 9” x 45” – rolled up

Adventure Board™ 23′:
23′ x 40″ x 8″ – inflated

10” x 10” x 45” – rolled up

How will you use your Adventure Board™? 

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