Why Outdoor airtrax

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If you aren’t familiar with what Outdoor AirTraX are, here is a brief explanation: air tracks are inflatable mats often used for tumbling, gymnastics, parkour, cheer, recreation and more. They are low friction mats that provide rebound for movement and play. They are safer than trampolines while still providing bounce stimulation that can be personalized by adjusting the firmness of the air track. Outdoor AirTraX are one of the first recreational air tracks designed specifically to be used both indoors and outdoors. 

So, why Outdoor AirTraX?




We believe that movement is foundational to mental and physical health, and that being outside is good for the soul. Movement regulates our bodies, releases endorphins, and reduces stress. Movement helps us to regulate, allowing emotions to move through our bodies. Outdoor AirTraX is less bouncy than a trampoline, but provides more feedback than a floor, and can be adjusted to be bouncier or more firm depending on your childrens’ preference. It provides a safe space for children to bounce, tumble, trick, and move energy through their bodies.


Play is undervalued in a society that prioritizes productivity and outcomes, but we think play is vital for mental and emotional wellbeing. Outdoor AirTraX allows children to be creative in their play, moving it to different rooms, yards, parks, and locations. We have seen it be used to build forts, host dance and gymnastics challenges, act as a slide, practice parkour, and be used in the snow. It is a springboard for children to collaborate, cooperate, and have fun.



Versatility is what really sets Outdoor AirTraX apart from other air tracks on the market. We wanted a product that could be used year round, that was durable enough to be used outdoors, could easily be transported indoors, and that would travel with you on your weekend adventures. Outdoor AirTraX exists at the intersection of quality, versatility, and creativity. Take it camping, set it out for a BBQ, add it to the backyard with your playset and trampoline, or pop it in the living room for your sensory seeking child so they can move while they take breaks from homework or decompress playing their favorite video games. 

You can order your Outdoor AirTraX here!

The possibilities are endless, and we can’t wait to see the ways your family uses this air track.

** Note: all images in this blog feature the 10′ prototype, which is painted rather than being fabricated with colored material, and thus shows the wear. Regular Outdoor AirTraX will NOT show the stress lines as seen in images. **

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