Outdoor AirTraX are adventure boards that provide rebound and adjustable bounce stimulation at home and on the go. They facilitate creativity, collaboration, movement and play while being safer and leaving a smaller footprint than other more permanent outdoor play equipment.

A blend of river stand up paddle boards and athletic air tracks, Outdoor AirTraX were designed with adventure in mind.

Wondering where you could take your Adventure Board?

Here are a few ideas:

  • In the living room, for sensory-seeking kids as they watch a show, game, or finish homework
  • At the sledding hill
  • In the basement for tumbling, jumping and imaginary play 
  • At the base of the Sand Dunes
  • On your next rafting trip (see the above photo)
  • In a narrow backyard 
  • Next to the playset or trampoline 
  • At the campsite
  • On the shore of a favorite lake
  • At a picnic site next to the river
  • As a slip n slide in the grassy patch of the yard
  • In the community park at a BBQ
  • At the weekend soccer tournament
  • On the sandy beach 
  • At the trailhead after a hike, while the adults enjoy a post-hike cocktail

They are not indoor products that can be used outdoors if special precautions are taken, they are made for outside play and as a bonus, are equally fun inside!

So, why Outdoor AirTraX?




We believe that movement is foundational to mental and physical health, and that being outside is good for the soul. Movement regulates our bodies, releases endorphins, and reduces stress. Movement helps us to regulate, allowing emotions to move through our bodies. Outdoor AirTraX is less bouncy than a trampoline, but provides more feedback than a floor, and can be adjusted to be bouncier or more firm depending on your childrens’ preference. It provides a safe space for children to bounce, tumble, trick, and move energy through their bodies.


Play is undervalued in a society that prioritizes productivity and outcomes, but we think play is vital for mental and emotional wellbeing. Outdoor AirTraX allows children to be creative in their play, moving it to different rooms, yards, parks, and locations. We have seen it used as a slip-n-slide, the wall of a fort, the foundation for dance and gymnastics challenges, as a slide, practice for parkour, and slide in the snow. It is a springboard for children to collaborate, cooperate, and have fun.



Versatility is what really sets Outdoor AirTraX  adventure boards apart from other products on the market. We wanted something that could be used year-round, that was durable enough to be used outdoors, could easily be transported indoors, and that would travel with you on your weekend adventures. Outdoor AirTraX exists at the intersection of quality, versatility, and creativity. Take it camping, set it out for a BBQ, add it to the backyard with your playset and trampoline, or pop it in the living room for your sensory seeking child so they can move while they take breaks from homework or decompress playing their favorite video games. 

The possibilities are endless, and we can’t wait to see the ways your family uses this air track.

You can order your Outdoor AirTraX adventure board here!


 Move. Play. Adventure.