Outdoor AirTraX Adventure Board™ for Sensory Seekers

While every human being has sensory needs, some people have unique sensory needs. Kids especially benefit from a sensory diet tailored to them, both at home and on-the-go. Outdoor AirTraX Adventure Boards are an incredible, versatile tool for sensory seekers, especially those who need proprioceptive input and those with both under and over responsive vestibular systems.

How do you know if your child could be a sensory seeker?

Sensory processing is the way our body takes in information from the outside, and organizes it in our brains and bodies. This happens without us even thinking about it, but sometimes it can be difficult to organize all of the information. This can appear in many ways in children; here are a few signs your child could be seeking more sensory input:

  • Has a hard time sitting still
  • Frequently bumps into others
  • Breaks crayons from pushing down too hard
  • Frequently uses a loud voice
  • Is a messy eater
  • Constantly touching objects or people
  • Jumping, swinging, hopping, and rocking
  • Fidgeting
  • Falling on purpose
  • Smelling food and non-food objects

Giving sensory seekers the opportunity to move in specific ways allows them to organize and process the world around them. This makes the world less overwhelming, they experience less disciplinary action from those who do not understand sensory processing sensitivities, and they are better able to focus. Children who are sensory seekers frequently benefit from rebounding motion, cardio, weight bearing and resistance play, and the Outdoor AirTraX Adventure Board™ is perfect for that!



Here are some ways to play with the Adventure Board™ to help your sensory seeker:

  • With socks on, have the child army crawl up the line on the Adventure Board dragging feet
  • Star jumps and jumping jacks (bounce/rebound can be adjusted child’s preference)
  • Hopping up the center line
  • Big hops to the middle line (on the 16’)
  • Hopping back and forth over the centerline
  • Jump rope on the AirTraX (bonus is the light rebound of the Adventure Board)
  • Scooter Board on it
  • Skip up the Adventure Board™
  • Rope Pull with adult holding the rope and the end and child pulling their body up the board (blanket could be used if needed)

Outdoor AirTraX Adventure Boards™ were designed to be used both indoors and outdoors, so all of these activities (and more) are easily moved depending on the weather. While some kids benefit from a bigger bounce, others are overwhelmed by it. By adding or decreasing air in the air track, you have control over how much or how little rebound your child has.

As a parent of a sensory seeker I know  there are many tools to help us help our children move through the world in a way that feels better to them. We created Outdoor AirTraX Adventure Boards™ as one of those tools, and found that our child especially enjoys the familiarity of it when we bring it from our home to camping trips, parks, and friend’s homes. You can get yours here, or read about which size is best for your family here

We would love to know how you are using yours!

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