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Lifetime Adventure Playsets: Choosing the Right Playset

Lifetime Adventure Playsets and swing sets

To a child, something as simple as a playset inspires a world of adventure, right in his or her own backyard. Armed with a boundless imagination and a few neighborhood friends, your kids will transform their playset into a stone castle far away in a foreign land, or a pirate ship crossing the wide Pacific on a quest for treasure. Our playsets will undoubtedly encourage your kid to get outside and see the world as the amazing place it is, begging to be explored.

We offer a variety of playsets that cater to children of all ages and fit backyards of all sizes. While we love designing innovative, fun playsets, safety remains our number one concern. Each playset utilizes sturdy materials and commercial quality construction. Weather resistant materials prevent warping, cracking or splintering, ensuring that your children can play safely on a reliable playset, year after year.

If you’re looking to purchase a new playset or upgrade your old one, check out our variety of Lifetime Adventure Playsets and Redwood Playsets to find the one that fits your family’s needs best.

Large Lots and Open Space

When choosing a playset, the size of your yard often dictates the playsets that are available to you. Consider the back, side, or front yard space and keep in mind additional features you wish to include in your yard. You’ll need enough of an area around the playset to allow safe access. For larger spaces, the following options are available to transform your space into the ultimate neighborhood gathering spot.

Mustang Playset

Bring the playground to you with our Mustang Playset. With a 14’ slide, seven-foot rock wall, and infant swing, this playset is a delight for the whole neighborhood. Varying and numerous activities mean you can keep it as your kids grow older, with activities that fit all stages of childhood.

Lifetime Adventure Tunnel Playset

The Adventure Tunnel Playset is a sizable playset that has a variety of features good for kids of varying ages. A wavy slide, first floor climbing wall, and steering wheel will keep little ones entertained for hours. Older kids can enjoy some alone time in the second story clubhouse, swing with friends, or practice rock climbing on one of three interactive climbing walls. One of our larger playsets, the Lifetime Adventure Tunnel Playset requires a decent size backyard and provides a lot of bang for your buck.

Lifetime Adventure Tower with Monkey Bars

This playset requires an ample amount of space to home the 9-foot wavy slide, cylindrical clubhouse tower, and monkey bars. With two swings, climbing ladders, a partially enclosed first-floor enclave and a second story clubhouse, this playset can take on the whole neighborhood!

Lifetime Adventure Tower

If your little one loves to play house or enjoys setting up a little shop, pet store, or restaurant, then the Adventure Tower is the playset for your family. A second story clubhouse sits atop a circular enclosure with four store fronts that offer kids the chance to choose whatever adventure they want. Modify this playset with a spider swing for a full-value playground right in your backyard.

Show Love to Your Smaller Space

If your lot lacks in the square-footage department, or you need to fit a playset in an oddly shaped confined spaces, we have smaller playset options available that conform to size restrictions but don’t limit the fun!

Lifetime Monkey Bar Adventure Swing Set

The functional L-shape of this playset fits into smaller or asymmetrical yards. If your kids have expressed interest in gymnastics, this set lets them practice the sport safely. Monkey bars, a fireman’s pole, and a trapeze bar with gym rings encourage the kiddos to climb to new heights but lets you rest assured they won’t be far from the ground.

Lifetime Climbing Dome

Climbing up trees and scrambling over rocks is a favorite childhood past time that parents can bring right to their backyard. Our Lifetime Climbing Dome doesn’t take up much space but gives kids a variety of ways to play. We offer a modified version with a canopy and rock holds accessories, making this a nifty, all-in-one set for backyards of any size.

Fun Shack Playset

This redwood playset packs a punch for its smaller size. Complete with a covered, second story fort, 5’ swing, and lemonade stand, this playset will entertain children of all ages and beautify your backyard with its rich, red wood.  

Lifetime A-Frame Playset

This mini-fortress is sure to inspire a heroic quest over rolling seas. The clubhouse is outfitted with binoculars, a steering wheel, and topped with an A-frame roof, creating a pilot’s cockpit or ship captain’s quarters. Elementary and middle school-age kids can practice simple acrobatics on the trapeze bar.

At Backyard Dreams, we specialize in memory making. With a focus on whimsy and a penchant for nostalgia, our playsets encourage your kids to be exactly who they are — kids! Give us a call today for a no-obligation consultation on which playset could best fit your family’s needs.


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