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Wooden Play Sets Offer Physical, Emotional and Social Benefits

Remember playing on wooden play sets when you were a child? Those long days spent playing with friends centered around the wooden play set in your or your friend’s yard? Such fond memories deserve to be passed down to the next generation, your kids. Think of the number of hours they will spend away from screens with friends, enjoying the Continue Reading

Trampolines Offer Fun Ways to Stay Connected With Your Children

Play these games on your trampoline as a way to bring your family closer together. Telephone: The players take turns, The first player gets on the trampoline and does a trick such as a knee drop. The next player repeats that trick and adds one of his own. The third player repeats the others’ tricks in their order and adds Continue Reading

Trampolines: Invest in Your Health

Bouncing on a trampoline is great for kids and adults. Not only does bouncing help strengthen children’s muscles and increase their coordination, but it has phenomenal health benefits for adults too! Healthy Heart: Just like all cardio exercise, bouncing strengthens your heart muscles. Stronger heart muscles mean the heart pumps more blood with fewer beats and a strong heart reduces Continue Reading

Adults: Jump Your Way into a Healthier Life

You may know that trampolines are a great way for kids to get exercise, but do you know that jumping can provide many health benefits to adults as well? Weight loss – Jumping on a trampoline creates a rebounding effect which reduces body fat as it engages th e whole body.  Not only will you build muscles in your legs Continue Reading

5 Easy Ways to Get Children to Play Outside

Children need at least one hour of physical activity each day. It can be hard to get children to play outside. Getting them out from behind the screens of computers, television, cell phones and video games and into the fresh air and sunshine can be a parent’s biggest challenge. As parents know, it’s not easy to compete with electronics so we have Continue Reading

What to Consider Before Buying a Play Set

‘Big box’ stores are a common place to buy standard plastic and metal swing sets. Plastic is an increasingly popular material, but these sets often cannot hold excessive weight and they don’t offer a wide variety of play options or add-ons. Metal is cost-efficient but weather may wear them down fairly quickly unless they are guaranteed not to rust. If Continue Reading